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Jo Ellen Lyons started singing publicly after she turned 50, launching out without the first clue about music at all.  She just knew there was a stage waiting for her.   

A versatile vocalist, Jo Ellen sings sultry love songs, standards and soulful blues. She jokes that her early influences were Roger Miller and "Fiddler on the Roof", but her years in New Orleans definitely infuse her interpretations of classics with the heat of the Big Easy.  With her family's roots being in Texas and her father's love of Marty Robbins, she also brings a strong and wistful twang to the country songs. Her charismatic presence keeps the crowd engaged, while her powerful voice has the wry whimsy of Ella Fitzgerald and modern resonance of Adele.  Her sassy originals are winning her a faithful following.

Jo Ellen is available to perform as a duo or with a full band.

But she's not available to play the guitar!

Jo Ellen

"Your voice just melted my heart down to my bones."

                                                                                                                                        Brian/Fighter Pilot, US Air Force



Dan began playing guitar 34 years ago and can't seem to put it down. America's Got Talent happened to be in town, so he went to see what it was all about--and found out it was a whole lotta waiting.

This singer/songwriter finds inspiration all around him and he's been an integral part of bands here in the Austin area--playing the drums and singing.  He's brought his blues guitar and vocal harmonies to the Box of Chocolates and the audiences have found this Norwegian Chocolate to be very tasty! 

Additionally, Dan has brought his production skills to the table and is currently producing

Jo Ellen's debut album at Lizzie Street Studio in Taylor, Texas.  


 . . . and the Box of Chocolates

"When I first met her it was through her voice, a real songbird this one.

A good range, clear and crisp, and it can comfort or break your heart."

                                                                                                                                        Robert/Off Broadway Actor

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